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Our Workshops

Lack of workplace engagement costs U.S. companies billions of dollars every year.  Many companies are unfamiliar with what drives the workforce to become engaged and waste money on things that don’t matter.  Our workshops provide you and your team with tools to build a culture where everyone thrives, including the business.

We partner with you to make sure you get the workshop that matches your objectives.  Our workshops are customized and always engaging and interactive – touching all styles of learning. Following the workshop we will work together with your team to integrate the concepts back into the workplace, so the workshop never feels just like “this thing they did once.”

Propel with Purpose Workshop

The Purpose Discovery workshop not only gets employees engaged by connecting their work and life purpose to the company’s, it assists the company by drawing in job seekers who believe what they believe and are most likely to be engaged with work they believe matters. 

Our signature 5-hour workshop will lead your team through exercises to develop a clear purpose statement.  As you take a guided journey through the past and and reminisce on the stories that make your organization exceptional,  you will hardly notice that you are building the foundation for your WHY statement.  Identifying your WHY will allow you to create and lead with vision. This is the foundation for a culture of engagement.

This workshop is for 10-20 participants representing various areas and authority levels in the organization.  We will offer guidance on who should attend.

 Expected results include: increased employee engagement, reduction in employee sick time, and reduced turnover.

**Inspired by Simon Sinek, optimist and author of Start With Why and co-author of Find your Why

Vision Discover Workshop

One of the greatest visionary speeches was by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was titled “I have a Dream.”  In a time long before social media and internet,  he brought people together by the masses.  People came together, not because he had a good plan, but because he had such a compelling vision for a future that didn’t yet exist and they wanted to be a part of that future.  With a common vision they were able to mobilize and create plans that forever changed history.

Propel My Vision will work with you to develop a clear vision that is big, bold, and resilient.  The vision will not be focused on numbers, it will be the kind of vision that will stand the test of time as you grow, evolve, and flex as an organization.

This workshop can be done in a  5 hour or full day format.  We will help you select the right mix of participants.

Expected results include:  attract customers and employees who believe what you believe, retain employees who want to create a future with you.

Extended DISC Workshop

A Deloitte study of 10,455 Millennials revealed that their number one skill gap is communication / interpersonal skills. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner named it the number one skill gap in the United States, as a whole.  According to David Gossman’s in “The Cost of Poor Communications,” this skill gap is costing the average company $62.4 million a year.

In our Extended DISC workshop, a certified facilitator utilizes Extended DISC assessments to empower you and your employees with new tools for communication.  The workshop is hands-on and interactive to keep the team engaged and so they can see how they show up under stressful situations.  The workshop can be offered in a 4 hour format or a full day format depending on your objectives.  Participants will be sent an Extended DISC assessment to complete prior to the workshop. 

Expected results include: improved communication efficiency,  improved customer service, improved team effectiveness,  increased sales 

All-In faith-based Christian Workshop

The All-In Leadership Workshop is designed to take you on an inspirational, spiritual journey to trust God and find the gifts He gave you to Lead your life All-In.  You were created to be a leader.

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