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Leadership Development

A recent Deloitte study revealed that a large number of employees are seeking help in the areas of self-confidence and motivation.  Strong leadership within a company motivates employees to perform at a higher level through strong human relations, maximizes efficiencies, and is a crucial part of effective management.  

We will work with you  to build a program that addresses your unique challenges so you and the leaders within your organization feel confident, and intrinsically motivated. 

Business Relationship Success Training

This training is ideal for project managers and other roles where stakeholder relationships are critical. In this training you will learn how to build strong relationships, create trust, manage promises vs. expectations, gain buy-in from the stakeholders in your projects or business, and deal with difficult behaviors or personalities.  

Participants will also get hands-on training and tools in areas such as: mapping out milestones, how to complete a Power/Interest, grid,  identifying key stakeholder and communication styles, the level of the role they play, what messages to communicate, and how.  

This training is fully customizable and varies in length and size.  This training can also be done with remote teams! 

Leadership Coaching and Skills Training

Leadership is not a position of authority.  We believe that everyone possess the skills but we all have to work out the muscles to stay fit as a leader. 

Whether you are seeking individual coaching to grow your leadership skills or looking to elevate your team,  we offer leadership coaching and leadership skills training made just for you.  We focus on maximizing strengths while keeping balance. The training focuses on skills such as building confidence, communication, professional relationships (including employee relations), servitude, and mentorship.

Leadership training is offered in a coaching setting one-to-one, in small groups, as a class, or several classes,  in person, or remotely!  We will help you determine the best fit and develop the training that addresses your desired outcomes.

Individual Purpose Discovery Process

You will be individually-led through a 2-3 hour personal discovery process to discover and draft your personal WHY statement. This tool can be used to help you find/redefine a career path, improve relationships, and align your life with what matters most to YOU. Identifying your purpose will allow you to create and lead your life with vision. Pre-work is required for this process

*This process is inspired by Simon Sinek, optimist and author of Start with Why and co-author of Find Your Why

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