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Communication and Team Building

We begin learning communication skills the moment we are born, yet recent studies indicate that it continues to be an area where we still have the most to learn.  LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner named it the number one skill gap in the United States.  And, according to David Gossman’s in “The Cost of Poor Communications,” this skill gap is costing the average company $62.4 million a year.

Communication and Team Building with Propel My Vision aims to reduce your risk for:

  •  project failures
  • change management failures
  • ineffective meetings
  •  other areas that are costing significant resources through ineffectiveness 

In addition to empowering your team with more effective communication tools and strategies, we strengthen your team so they are working better together.

Communication Training

In our Communication Training, a certified facilitator utilizes Extended DISC assessments to empower you and your employees with new tools for communication.  The workshop is hands-on and interactive to keep the team engaged and so they can see how they show up under stressful situations.  The workshop can be offered in a 4 hour format or a full day format depending on your objectives.  Participants will be sent an Extended DISC assessment to complete prior to the workshop. 

Expected results include: improved communication efficiency,  improved and improved team effectiveness. 

Team Building

At Propel My Vision,  we define “team bonding” and “team building” differently.  Team bonding activities, such as bowling, holiday parties, and happy hours are great for encouraging social relations among a team – and we LOVE them.  While we have some ideas we can share for bonding,  our expertise is in ‘team building’.  Team Building is for making a team stronger and more productive as a whole. Our trainings drop your team into interactive processes where they will brainstorm, problem solve, and work together.  But unlike a trip to an escape room,  we go through extensive debriefing through-out to show your team their strengths and how they can use them more effectively.  This training is intense, and is designed to take participants out of their comfort zone and mimic the stressors we feel when under pressure at work.  

Team Building can be done in half -day or full-day format and can accommodate a team of any size.  Be sure to ask about team building with your remote team!

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