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Culture = Values X Behavior

Culture is created when a group of people come together who share a common set of values and beliefs.  When the stated values of an organization and the behaviors demonstrated do not align, it creates toxicity – shown through things like lack of trust, gossip, poor engagement, and high turnover.

Our research and experience has taught us that transforming a workplace culture does not  happen as a result from a one time event.  However, the culture of your dreams is achievable and by partnering with Propel My Vision,  you will get to see blind spots, develop a plan, and execute strategies to bring it all together. 

Our Approach

Listen. Listen. Listen. The only way to understand your team is to first listen to what you need, where you feel stuck, and where you want to go. Alignment Gap Analysis.  We look at the processes you have in place,  your values, your purpose, and get a ground view with your people to evaluate where there could potentially be gaps. Plan.  We put together a plan around your goals with the aim to fill the gaps and pull your people together. Implement and Evaluate. We will stay with you through the process of implementation and evaluate throughout to be sure you are getting the results promised.

A Strong Foundation

We believe that a strong culture is based on a clear purpose and a shared vision.  From here we build.

We have found many of the most common challenges are best addressed from this method.

Propel It Forward

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