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About Us

Propel My Vision is where consulting, training & development, and inspiration intersect at the radical center.  The focus is to build strong business cultures with engaged employees who are empowered to propel the companies they work for forward. A strong business culture is built upon a foundation of a clear Purpose and a shared Vision.  From this foundation, leadership development within all levels of the organization is coupled with consulting on the alignment of real-life business decisions to inspire and engage employees for sustainable transformation.

We believe that people never have to be sacrificed in exchange for profit.  Rather,  putting people first, results in a stronger business and more opportunity for profitability.  If you want to affect your bottom line, it starts by making a positive impact on your frontline.

Tina Liljedahl
Founding Visionist at
Propel My Vision

The first time I attended a leadership training was when I was 23 years old.  I remember thinking: “Wow,  I found my people.”  I had no idea that there were people out there developing others in that way.  Up until then, I always thought I was just weird and didn’t think the same as others.  But I  knew from that moment forward,  I was destined to be a part of that world of empowerment. In retrospect, as far back as I can remember, I always had been. I just didn’t have the words.

Since that day, I have been committed to working with individuals and companies to identify their purpose, and shape their vision while advancing their leadership skills to new levels.   I have advised CEOs of large corporations, middle managers, business owners, and their employees. Using a customized approach and hands-on practical learning, I never want the work I do to be seen as an event, but rather a partnership to building thriving environments. I believe in actionable strategies and plans that address the real-time challenges to drive sustainability and transformation.  One thing that has never wavered was my commitment to empower.

I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in communication, am a member of the Association for Talent Development, a certified Corporate Trainer, an Extended DISC Certified Facilitator and Coach, and hold a Virtual Facilitation Certification.  I have had the honor of working with companies across the United States as well as in Europe.


To  empower and challenge people to be good leaders so together we build environments where people thrive.


Envision a world where people go to work everyday feeling empowered with a voice and feel safe to contribute to building an evnironment where everyone will thrive.


Propel It Forward

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