Welcome to Propel My Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people and businesses worldwide to see with vision.

Our Purpose

To empower and challenge people to be good leaders so together we build environments where people thrive.

Propel Your Business

We believe attaining success isn’t about giving you a fluffy, motivational pep-talk.  Its about equipping you with real actionable tools so you are empowered to drive results.

Propel Yourself

Propel My Vision’s solutions can also be customized for your personal or professional development. No matter your role in business or life, we all have a responsibility to be confident leaders.

Propel your Non-Profit

If you are a part of a church, religious group, or non-profit, we want to offer our services to you to support YOUR purpose. Contact us for details and special rate

Our Story

Our story started probably a lot like yours… looking for meaning, purpose, and the why. Then embracing the courage to go after it. Its a story filled with hope and faith. Quite simply, I want to empower and challenge people to be good leaders so that together we build environments where people thrive. Leadership is not a position we hold, or a title we posses. It is the responsibility of each of us; as parents, as bosses, as business owners, employees, and as people. Propel My Vision is about taking you, your business, and/or your team to new levels of leadership by creating a clear vision and then implementing strategies that will help you achieve it.

Tina Liljedahl
Founding Visionist

Our Services

We will work with you and your team to create a high-performance, vision focused team that drives success. Our services are customized and focused on your specific outcomes.

Propel with Purpose Workshop

This 5-hour workshop will lead your team through exercises to develop a clear purpose statement. Identifying your purpose will allow you to create and lead with vision. (10-20 participants)

Vision Development

If you don’t know where you are going, you will never know if you get there (or how to get there). Propel My Vision will work with you to develop a clear vision for yourself or business.

Client Reviews

Our Client Reviews Shows our success…

Lead your life with All-In faith.

The All-In Leadership Workshop is designed to take you on an inspirational, spiritual journey to    trust God and find the gifts He gave you to Lead your life All-In.

Lead with All-In Faith.

Contact us to schedule an inspirational, christian-based, All-In Leadership Workshop at your church.